Author: Patrick Garman

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How to Change the Font in WordPress

Like a college student frantically searching for a font to stretch their term paper to meet a professor’s page requirements, website owners spend a lot

numbers 404 which means website not found, there's a plants on the number zero and a cartoon background on it.

How to Create a 404 Page in WordPress

Page not found. The dreaded 404 error annoys visitors and flummoxes web admins. Fortunately, creating a 404 page in WordPress is simple and can create

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Shopify vs. BigCommerce: A Comparison

It’s the battle of the ecommerce Platforms: Shopify vs. BigCommerce. Which one will work best for your business?  The platforms look similar in terms of

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How to Scale BigCommerce

While other people celebrate the arrival of fall by buying pumpkin spice lattes and decorating for Halloween, ecommerce store owners focus on preparing for the

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Is There Value in Marketplace Selling?

You probably shop on Amazon, but have you considered selling? Many ecommerce business owners think of Amazon as a swear word. But a growing number

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8 Tips for Shopify Optimization

Online retailers pick Shopify as their ecommerce platform because it’s easy to use. You can set up a store without writing a single line of

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12 CRO Tips for Ecommerce Stores

The key to increasing your ecommerce sales is following the right CRO tips.  Conversion rate optimization, or CRO for short, is about improving your website