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How to Speed Up Your WooCommerce Website

Is your WooCommerce store a bit sluggish? If you’ve noticed your site loading speed slowing down to a crawl, you’re probably hoping for a quick

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How to Scale Shopify in 4 Steps

The day has come. You’re finally getting your big break. Your website has gone viral! Your product is the must-have item every Tik Toker wants.

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5 Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Most people aren’t rocking the same hairstyle they did in the ’80s. Styles have changed a lot in the last 30 to 40 years. Web

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How to Serve Images in NextGen Format

Some of our most common client questions and our most frequent recommendations are about how to properly size images.  No matter what content management system

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Mindsize Named WordPress VIP

Mindsize is proud to announce that WordPress VIP named us a VIP Silver Agency Partner, signifying us as one of the best WordPress developers out

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Choosing the Right Shopify Theme

From your branding to your conversion rate — a single choice about your Shopify store impacts most aspects of your business. Which theme will you

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O2O: The Future of Ecommerce

O2O — or online-to-offline — is the merger of two retail components that traditionally were separate entities. This merger allows businesses to encourage online customers

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Ecommerce Trends to Watch

Many of the biggest trends in ecommerce last year were driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Online sales rose by a staggering 32% as stay-at-home orders