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A cartoon santa stands next to a christmas tree with his hand in the air like he is waving

Ecommerce Holiday Infographic

You can’t buy pumpkins and mums anymore, even if you want them. Thanksgiving isn’t until the end of the month, but stores already are displaying

A cartoon with panels showing tools while cartoon people look at them

Why is My Shopify Site So Slow?

Loading. Loading. Still loading. Why is it taking so long? Sound familiar? You’re probably wondering, “Why is my Shopify site so slow?”  Shopify is an

Cartoon depiction showing a successful ecommerce transaction

How To Write Product Descriptions: A Quick Guide

The purpose of product descriptions is to offer customers important information about the features and benefits of your product. The better your product descriptions, the

3 cartoon people put together a website

Tips for Organizing Website Content

A polished user experience is paramount to the success of your ecommerce business, whether you’re small or large. If your site is messy, disorganized, or

Bitbucket vs. Bitbucket

I was recently added to a bitbucket repository with my company email address. I already have a bitbucket account that uses my personal email address,