Agency Support

Many agencies we have talked to do not have a need for significant architecture in projects, or work in large and complex ecommerce sites often. They also do not want to turn down large projects.

Our Agency Support solution is specifically designed for these teams that need the extra support to plan or execute a large project, or that might need occasional overflow development support on projects.

Support Designed for Agencies & Freelancers

As a smaller agency or solo freelancer, larger projects can be extremely intimidating and a challenge to both win and execute. Our support plan can give you the confidence to take on these larger and more complex projects. With access to our team and best practices you can be sure you are delivering enterprise grade solutions to your clients.

Our standard Agency Support Plan is designed for teams for 10 or less. We can work with you to craft a customized support solution that enables your team no matter the size has access to our teams knowledge and expertise. 

5 Team Members

Agency Support Plan

$ 499
  • 5 Support Hours / Month
  • Designed for Freelancers & Agencies
  • Support from our Architects
  • Discounted Dev Hours
  • Access to Mindsize Best Practices

Overflow Development

Subscribers of our Agency Support Plan, we will make available development hours for your overflow work at a discounted rate. Our team can help provide a cushion to your growth and give you peace of mind.