Architecture Strategy Consulting

One of the most defining factors of Mindsize success in projects has been our architecture. The solutions we deliver to our clients function well at scale because they were architected that way to begin with.

Our team of web architecture experts is available for ongoing consulting with your existing development teams. We can help plan for success and avoid common pitfalls of website scale and growth.

Strategy as a Service

We often will work with businesses or agencies who have existing development teams that they do not wish to replace. The in depth contextual knowledge of a business or website and how everything should work together is not something that should be wasted.

Sometimes though your team may need additional leadership or assistance on how to approach developing features. There are many great developers who may not realize while following what are claimed to be best practices in an industry, that those best practices were not designed for the kind of website you are running.

The most common example would be the “WordPress way” of managing data within a website is to create a custom post type, and custom database tables were both rare and frowned upon. However in larger applications or higher traffic scenarios custom database tables are actually highly preferred.

Our team has the experience and expertise to be able to help your team create and execute on a strategy for your site. Contact us today to see how we can help you and your team!