Private Training

It can be difficult as your site grows to find how to best manage your content or develop new features. If you or your team is struggling, our team of experts is available for private training. We will work with you to create a unique course to solve your specific training needs.

For the Site Administrator

We often speak with businesses who have sites which have grown out of control. You should not be afraid of the page editor, and managing your product catalog should not be a painful experience.

We can work with you to create a course working in your site, not the vanilla websites you see in other online training courses. We can even help you set up a sandbox where you can test what we teach without fear of impacting what your visitors will see when they visit.


For the Development Team

As a business grows, so will it’s website. More traffic, more features, and one part time freelancer has become multiple full time developers working on your website.

A team of developers working on a project together without the appropriate processes can lead to bugs, downtime, or worse, compromise.

We can work with your team to craft a software development life cycle and the surrounding processes required to ensure your site stays online, stable, and secure.

All of our private training is presented virtually, and will be recorded. The contents will be coordinated with you and catered to your needs, and all materials and recordings will be made available to you afterwards. You will also have access to our team for follow up questions after your private training.