Site Performance Audit

From start to finish our Site Performance Audit takes just two weeks time. At the end of those two weeks we will walk you through our findings. Our report includes both the issues we have found, as well as a prioritized list of recommendations which will improve your site speed.

Speed up your WordPress & WooCommerce Sites

The Mindsize team regularly works with site owners and agencies both to help improve site speed. With our expertise we have helped individual stores handle hundreds of millions of dollars worth of orders. We achieve this through ongoing monitoring and iterative performance improvements.

Caching is not the solution to poor performance.

A common trend for “site performance experts” is to come in and recommend installing a caching plugin or other performance optimizing plugins. When you cache a poorly performing page or feature on a website, it will still perform just as poorly, but certain page loads will seem faster.

This is not what Mindsize does.

We will investigate the root causes of your poor performance, and make recommendations of how to fix the problem not just hide it. 

Our Site Performance Audit process has been standardized and in order to complete it in two weeks, we need access to a few specific systems.

If you need assistance meeting these requirements with your site our team can help.

Audit Requirements

Our Actionable Audit Results Guarantee

We guarantee that our audit will result in actionable intelligence which you can use to speed up your website. If we are unable to make any recommendations, we’ll refund your payment.

The team at Mindsize built us a custom solution for our WooCommerce site that dramatically improved performance and decreased load times. Our site speed increased so much we struggled to handle the order volume the faster site lead to! Their work was crucial to our success, especially while our physical store location was closed due to the pandemic.
Jason Southwick
CEO @ Marshall St Disc Golf

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Our mission is to enable you to get back to business and take care of technology for you. So we’ve made this process as easy as possible. You can use the form below to schedule your audit kickoff call, and in this call we will work with you to schedule the actual audit and ensure we have everything we need to complete our report. If you still have are unsure if this is right for you, please contact us and we can answer any questions you have.