Easily automate deploys to Shopify with Buddy

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We previously wrote about how to deploy to Shopify with Codeship. Codeship is a great tool, however, if you are looking for a powerful build and deploy solution that also has a simple interface then pay attention. In this article I will show you how you can easily set up Buddy to watch a Git repository and deploy changes to your Shopify theme.

As we like to joke here at Mindsize- It’s so easy the project manager could do it! (No offense Dave, you are a wonderful PM 🙂 )


*Buddy can connect to many Git services. We are using Github due to it’s wide adoption, and our preference for it.

Step One: Create a new Buddy project

Login to Buddy and click the New Project button and select the repository you would like to use for the project.

Step Two: Add a pipeline

With Buddy, for each environment available, a pipeline is us to define the build steps. Click the Add a new pipeline button now.

A form will appear allowing you to pick the branch for this pipeline. Buddy will watch the branch for new commits. When it sees one the build steps in the pipeline will be kicked off.

Click Add a new pipeline and lets get to the juicy stuff

Step Three: Add the Shopify deploy action

Buddy comes with a myriad of actions it can run, from arbitrary commands, to build tools, to testing, to deploying full on scalable apps with Kubernetes. It can even build Android apps!

Take a look through the list of available actions, but for now we care about the Shopify action particularly.

Select this option and login via Oauth.

After authenticating you will be presented with a list of themes available to the selected shop. Whichever theme you select is where your code will deploy to. Shopify only knows how to deploy to a specific theme. If you need to run multiple themes and want Buddy to deploy to theme I would recommend cloning the pipeline and changing the selected theme.

Click Add this action and you are ready to deploy to Shopify from your Git repository!

Click the Run Pipeline button on the top right to kick off the initial deploy, or if you have On push selected for the pipeline just make a commit!

Drop us a line and let us know how it worked out for you. If you would like help with your Shopify project from the pros, get in touch on our contact form

Happy deploying!