Mindsize Named WordPress VIP

one cartoon person is walking in front of a WordPress webpage looking at a mobile phone

Mindsize is proud to announce that WordPress VIP named us a VIP Silver Agency Partner, signifying us as one of the best WordPress developers out there.

The honor establishes Mindsize as a leader in website development, including strategy, user experience, design, and front-end and back-end development. It also makes us an official WordPress VIP partner. 

Achieving Our Objectives

“When we founded Mindsize, we wanted to build an agency that was synonymous with excellence. Since that time, we’ve shown that our team is capable of delivering solutions to some of the hardest problems on the internet. Personally, I have looked at other VIP agencies for inspiration on how to build and grow Mindsize. I am honored to now call them my peers,” Mindsize CEO Patrick Garman said.

We founded Mindsize in 2017 to deliver highly scalable and performant eCommerce solutions. The team’s expertise has helped stores handle more than $500 million in sales to date. This sales amount in such a short time proves that the Mindsize team doesn’t just build ecommerce sites. So, we know what it takes to build a successful store.

Helping business owners reach their goals means understanding each store’s unique challenges, then building solutions for them. Mindsize doesn’t want to create temporary fixes. The team wants to get to the root of a business’s problems and solve them permanently. To do this, the Mindsize team uses existing technology and creates custom integrations when necessary.

Living Our Core Values

Mindsize operates with a fully remote team. We operate, as a team and for our clients, based on these core values:

  • Think Different. We do not accept the status quo. Instead, we use technology to solve the unsolvable.
  • Be Kind. Kindness takes effort. We strive in all things to create positivity. 
  • Give Back. We strive to help our employees make a positive impact on the world, starting in their own communities. 
  • Accountability. Our employees take ownership of their work and actions. We own our mistakes and learn from them. We do better when we can.
  • Inclusion. We try to consider all thoughts, especially those from outside our circles. 
  • Integrity. We believe in integrity, honesty, and trust for effective collaboration and communication.

“Before I joined Mindsize, I had never worked for a company that put such an emphasis on the growth of their employees while actively working to ensure they maintain a healthy work-life balance and avoid burnout. Even though our team is distributed across the country, the communication and culture at Mindsize help make you feel like part of a team, working together to produce the highest quality work,” said Dave Kinney, Mindsize project manager.

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