New Year, New Mindsize

Not sure if you noticed (you definitely noticed) but we’ve got a whole new look here at Mindsize. 

2020 was a chaotic year for almost everyone and everything. For us, both as individuals and as a business, it was transformative. Everything changed – ownership, leadership and leadership style, team expectations, and even how we work with our clients. 

However, through all the trials and tribulations of this year, we have come out on the other side changed – and we wanted a new look to represent this transformation. 

Our name and logo were from the original founding team. I, Patrick, inherited the name and logo and ran with it. I dove into the braininess of it all. The previous logo represented the original leadership of the company.

The new logo is sharp and clean. While the original artwork remains, it was an iterative process to create with designers we like and trust. Our friends at Sentier designed our logo and we are very happy with the results. 

New Look 

If you take a moment to look around the agency space you’ll notice something – there are a lot of gray, black, and red tones. Additionally, tech companies generally lean towards blue. From a color psychology perspective, these colors all make sense. 

Blue encourages trust. 

Red gives off a sense of excitement. 

Black is dramatic and sophisticated. 

Shifting our color scheme does not mean Mindsize is not those things. 

What Mindsize is, however, is different. Instead of following in the footsteps of nearly every other company, we have chosen to do as we normally do and fall out of line

There’s a blog post of a conversation I had with Cally at Saucal where the featured image is the iconic photo of Biggie Smalls wearing a crown. And I distinctly remember a call with a client who referred to Mindsize as “the exalted ones”. 

“Excellence is my presence – never tense, never hesitant”  Biggie Smalls 

That’s where the color purple comes in. For hundreds of years, the color purple has been synonymous with royalty and luxury. Given our expertise and experience, comparing Mindsize to royalty is fitting. 

When the team over at Sentier came to me with the combination of the mint and purple… that was a tough combination for me to swallow initially. I didn’t care for it. 

However, we wanted a color scheme that was not overused. I let the combination simmer. I kept coming back to it and liking it more and more. 

New goals 

The Mindsize Mission has always been a work in progress. Our team now took this year to refine that. Our main mission is to solve technology problems for our customers. 

Yes, our expertise is in eCommerce – and we have solved many eCommerce problems for our customers. However, we can – and have – solved many other problems as well. 

My goal is to revitalize Mindsize into a development agency that is known for delivering excellent solutions. These solutions will have a high return on investment for our clients and will be delivered quickly. 

The WordPress and WooCommerce spaces have significant ruts in the road in regards to how solutions are delivered. This often leads to lackluster deliverables. 

We have found, in the past, that our best problem-solving has happened when we didn’t follow the status quo. 

We plan to continue doing just that – thinking outside the box to create better solutions and experiences for our clients. 

While our core expertise remains unchanged, we have upended our approach. Previously, we would generally only work with larger businesses – focusing on larger problems. With the launch of our new site (yes, you read that correctly – we’ve created an entirely new site), access to our Site Performance Audit will be readily available to anyone and everyone. Clients will be able to sign up for this service and schedule a kick-off call without any intervention. 

Additionally, we’ll be adding content and services around more than just WooCommerce. 

We now also offer a support and maintenance plan as part of our commitment to problem-solving for businesses of all sizes. It is priced higher than comparable offerings but that price is offset but having direct access to our expertise. 

For that, there is no comparison.