A cartoon santa stands next to a christmas tree with his hand in the air like he is waving

You can’t buy pumpkins and mums anymore, even if you want them. Thanksgiving isn’t until the end of the month, but stores already are displaying and selling Christmas decor. You should have your ecommerce store ready in advance for the holiday season. 

Have you thought about ecommerce holiday optimizations? If not, it’s time. You don’t want to miss your part of the 12% predicted increase in holiday spending experts expect this year. 

Check out the graphic below for other insights on sales expectations for this holiday season.

Mindsize’s eCommerce Holiday Infographic

An infographic that lists holiday ecommerce numbers of revenue and days of the holidays.

Prepare Your Store with Ecommerce Holiday Optimizations

It is not too late to create promotions and sales for the 2021 holiday season. If you need help reviewing your checkout process and ensuring your ecommerce store is ready for holiday sales traffic, Mindsize can help. Reach out to our team today. We’ll help you get ready for the holidays and end-of-year promotions.