Craft Commerce

Craft Commerce is a plugin for Craft CMS. The same easy to use content first content management system, but with added ecommerce features.

Content First Commerce

You put a lot of effort into your products, you should showcase them. Craft Commerce includes most features you’d expect out of the box, out of the box, no plugins required.

Multilingual Ecommerce

Craft Commerce is the only ecommerce platform we recommend for multilingual ecommerce. In all other platforms the best practice is to make a separate store per language.

Dynamic Pricing

Offer customers buy one get one type offers to increase your sales, without needing more plugins. Compared to other platforms where the best practice is to install known slow plugins.

Content Workflows

Enable your content team to work more seamlessly with custom content workflows that fit their needs.

Headless Ecommerce

Craft Commerce is fully headless capable. Power your React or Vue frontends, your mobile apps, or other custom applications with Craft Commerce.

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