Managed WooCommerce Cloud

The average WooCommerce store should be spending less than 0.5% of their gross sales on infrastructure, how much are you spending?

Which cloud is right for you?

Over the years we have refined our ecommerce cloud stack to allow even the largest ecommerce stores to grow and market reliably without the worry of downtime.

Choosing a cloud provider can be a daunting task. From the specific platform features to pricing they all are very similar, so how do you know which one is right for you? More often than not it will come down to your specific needs and use case to determine which platform gives you the best result. We can help you explore your needs and make the decision of what cloud will best serve your site.

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Custom Cloud Solution

The Mindsize ecommerce cloud blueprint is provider agnostic, and can be implemented on most modern cloud providers. We leverage platform as a service solutions which allow for seamless auto scaling, and integrate well into other services available within the platform.

Use Cases

Below are some of the most common use cases we have solved for clients.

High Traffic Volume

How much do you limit your marketing or spread out your campaigns to make sure your store doesn't go down? We can help you unleash your marketing team and boost your growth.

High Order Volume

Whether it is from great marketing flash sales, or just Black Friday, a surge in order is only good if your site is capable. Don't leave sales on the table because your customers could not check out.

Fast & Relevant Search

You have a limited window to convert new visitors on your site, make sure you are turning visitors into customers by putting the right product in front of them at the right time.

Large Product Catalogs

Our client sites have hundreds of thousands of products with millions of product attributes, and our catalog browsing experiences are measured in milliseconds, with caching disabled.


We've worked with some on the largest WooCommerce Subscriptions stores, with hundreds of thousands of active subscriptions. Stop waiting for your slow servers to process your subscription renewals.


Most sites struggle to deliver performance dynamic membership based content to their users. The rest of the industry using caching to speed up sites will not help your membership site run faster.

Custom Reporting

The standard WooCommerce reporting is often not adequate for larger sites to use for business intelligence. We've developed custom reporting solutions for clients to enable better data driven decision making.

Customer Service Automation

The best marketing for your store is word of mouth, and the best way to get word of mouth sales is excellent customer service. Enable your team to take better care of your customers by automating their tasks.

What is your use case?

We would love to schedule a call to discuss how our team can help you stop stressing about technology, and get back to business.