White Label Shopify Apps

Our expert development and support teams can help you and your business develop, maintain, and support your Shopify app.

End to End Shopify App Support

Shopify is one of the easiest and fastest platforms for a new business to build their store on. With over 1 million stores, and having handled over $200 billion in sales, it’s no wonder why.

Integrating with Shopify through the Shopify App Store is a great way to easily reach new users.

Planning & Architecture
of Shopify Apps

Unlike most ecommerce platforms which are self hosted, Shopify is a hosted platform. In most cases to integrate with a Shopify store you will need to build more than just a simple plugin, but an entire platform with it’s own infrastructure and hosting.

This gives apps more control over their own performance and scalability, but also more responsibility. If your app is based on customer actions or order data, how well would your app handle the ingestion of a large stores orders? How well could your app handle a surge from a flash sale creating thousands of orders all at once.

Development & Release
of Shopify Apps

The app itself can be developed on nearly any language, and hosted on nearly any infrastructure, so long as it is publicly accessibly. This gives us greater flexibility in developing a solution that best meets your existing engineering capabilities.

With a self hosted architecture, there is no distribution of packages to distribute to store owners. There is simply one application, connected to the Shopify platform.

Maintenance & Updates
of Shopify Apps

Thanks to the self hosted architecture of Shopify Apps, it is far easier to develop and release apps. Once a release is deployed, it is immediately live for all stores. However this means at the same time that releases must be even more carefully crafted, to ensure that all stores do not receive a flawed release.

At the same time, maintenance and security must be even more carefully managed. The security of one installation, is the security of all of the connected stores at once.

Documentation & Support
of Shopify Apps

Many of the apps we have used with client sites, poorly lacked documentation and support. An easy way to way to set apart your app from others is to support the store owners using it.

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