White Label WooCommerce Extensions

Our expert development and support teams can help you and your business develop, maintain, and support your WooCommerce extension.

End to End WooCommerce Extension Support

Our team has built and run some the largest WooCommerce stores. From flash sales to large product catalogs, we understand the challenges ecommerce post and what it takes to overcome them.

Planning & Architecture
of WooCommerce Extensions

WooCommerce is a highly flexible, highly scalable, ecommerce platform. The success or failure of a WooCommerce site as it grows, will largely depend on the performance of the third party code used to build the site. It is vitally important for store owners that the developers of extensions to WooCommerce take this into considering when architecting their integration. The alternative is a slow store and lost sales.

At the core, data architecture is the single most important challenge in WooCommerce store and integration development. The data in a store will grow exponentially over time. Out of the box for a typical order a WooCommerce store creates, approximately 100+ additional datapoint are created. The key, is knowing how to leverage this data. 

Development & Release
of WooCommerce Extensions

Our experienced team of experts knows first hand how a store will react to the way an integration is built. When to craft a query differently, or to offload a process to an external service.

Where the average developer may decide at the time payment is processed is the best time to also send the order to a fulfillment API, our team knows that this decision could ultimately crash the site in as sales increase.

With a self hosted ecommerce solution such as WooCommerce, security and data protection becomes even more vitally important as well. Small bugs may lead stores to not be compliant with PCI. In one specific example a theme while saving form submission data also saved customer credit card data in plain text to the database.

Mindsize specializes in ecommerce, and are experts in WooCommerce. We can help you develop the best possible extension of WooCommerce.

Maintenance & Updates
of WooCommerce Extensions

The challenge in the release of an update to your extension also grows exponentially over time. Each update must be tested across varying versions of PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce, and other popular integrations. Then once a release is believe to be functional, how will stores ultimately update to the latest version.

A common mistake for developers and store owners is to just update everything at once, a mistake which would seem like the right move. Unfortunately many extensions of WooCommerce while they may support past versions of WooCommerce, often will not work well with major updates of WooCommerce itself. Backwards compatibility is strongly emphasized, but forwards compatibility is rarely mentioned.

Regular maintenance on your extension of WooCommerce will occasionally require updates. Ensuring that updates follow strong standards, and are tested thoroughly, are crucial to retaining store owner trust.

Documentation & Support
of WooCommerce Extensions

When a store owner needs support, it is possible that support is the difference between their own customers ability to place orders. Supporting stores is supporting the livelihoods of others. 

The mission of Mindsize is to enable others to be able to focus on their own business rather than technology, at the core of that is excellent customer service. As specialists in ecommerce, experts in WooCommerce, and with a mission to enable others to stop worrying about technology… our team is perfectly suited to supporting your users.

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